Kashihara Jingu Shrine

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms
Kashihara Jingu Shrine
Kashihara Jingu Shrine

Horyu-ji Temple

the oldest wooden building existing in the world
Horyu-ji Temple
Horyu-ji Temple

Kashihara Shrine

first Emperor, Emperor Jimmu
Kashihara Shrine
Kashihara Shrine


Luck for Victory, business and money
Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "7 kinds protection owl" green blue from Enshu Sigisan Bisyamon Ten Origin/Shotoku Taishi from Nara Japan - Omamori Charm Heritage Japan
Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "7 kinds protection owl" green blue from Enshu Sigisan Bisyamon Ten Origin/Shotoku Taishi from Nara Japan - Omamori Charm Heritage Japan

Taimadera Temple

The only temple in Japan that has the original pair of pagodas erected as they were.
Taimadera Temple
Taimadera Temple

Lucky Charm and Protection: The Secret to Attracting Good Fortune, Warding off Misfortune, and Boosting Your Luck

Nara Prefecture is a hub of Japan's rich cultural legacy, especially concerning its temples, shrines, and Buddhist artifacts. The region houses some of the country's most remarkable structures that date back centuries. Visitors can acquire amulets and talismans at these holy sites, which are believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and protection. Nara's profound spiritual roots and breathtaking architectural wonders make it a must-visit place for anyone intrigued by Japanese culture.

What is Omamori?

"Omamori" is a Japanese amulet or charm that is believed to provide various forms of luck, protection, or blessings, including warding off misfortune, promoting good health, improving academic or career success, boosting overall fortune, enhancing financial or job opportunities, fostering family love, and attracting good relationships.

Omamori can be carried in a wallet or bag, or kept in important places such as inside a car or at home. By keeping the omamori close, it is believed to constantly provide protection and good luck to the owner.

We are from Nara.

Nara, located in Kansai region, Japan, is a magnificent city with rich history and culture. As Japan's first permanent capital, Nara boasts a plethora of ancient treasures, such as beautiful temples and shrines, serene parks, and world-renowned landmarks. With its traditional atmosphere and friendly locals, Nara is a beloved destination for tourists and locals alike.

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Beautiful Product and Excellent Service

I am very satisfied with my purchase. The amulet is just as beautiful as depicted in the pictures, and it was packaged very nicely. The delivery was also quick. Highly recommend! Thank you !

I appreciate the fast deliver of the item

Would buy again!

Awesome charms! Will definitely buy again as a gift for friends and family


Keep coming back for more

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM "Anti-Evil" Pink from Nikko Toshogu Shrine Japan
Laily Santa Cruz
Overall great

My friend said it works great happy to have it, feeling protected

Love the charm a lot ❤️🥰 it’s such a beautiful piece

it’s super cute and the bells 🔔 is so softly satisfying to hear the ringing and the dragon love the craftsmanship of it ❤️🥰❤️ Thank you so much.

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "Lucky Coin" gold from Enshu Sigisan Bisyamon Ten from Nara Japan

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for Hikawa shrine Ofuda from Japan vintage paper

Quick shipping and very nice.

It arrived quickly and is as pictured.

Better in person

Loved this charm. Great quality and beautiful design work even came with some extras I wasn't expecting.

Nice Omamori.

Arrived quick, but is same color as my red one, not really orange.

I loved the charm but didn’t like that I found out that shipping was $25 after placing the order

Thank you for sharing your feedback about your recent order. I'm glad to hear that you loved the charm, and I appreciate your concerns regarding the shipping cost.

I would like to clarify that we do not add shipping charges after an order has been placed. Our system is designed to show the shipping cost before the final payment is processed. Once a delivery address is entered during the ordering process, the applicable shipping fee is displayed, and the total cost is confirmed before you complete your purchase.

We strive to make this information as clear as possible and regret any misunderstanding. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to serving you again.

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Omamori nascita

Omamori preso per un regalo, è piaciuto moltissimo. Bellissimo, curato in ogni dettaglio. Spedizione rapida e precisa. Semplicemente meraviglioso!

Beautifully crafted box and the engraving on it was perfect

Great gift for my niece but wished there was a larger size

Omamori for Health

I was in Tokyo over January and February. I chose to visit the temples the day after the public holiday. No monks were in attendance. I wanted to purchase an Amulet for my daughter. Being able to purchase on The Omamori web allowed me to fulfil my promise.

Health & Protection Omamori

They are simply beautyfull and were a super gift for my family. Thank you very much!


The little objects are exactly the ones in the photo, I appreciated the shipment and the parcel, because I got them safe. I love them and hope they will help my life with their good vibes

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "Anti Evil Protection" red from Omiwa Shrine Nara Japan The oldest shrine of Japan
Simon Kratz

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "Anti Evil Protection" red from Omiwa Shrine Nara Japan The oldest shrine of Japan

Beautiful Furoshiki!

The Mt Fuji and the Great Wave Furoshiki is beautiful. I'm planning on using it to wrap a special gift for a friend. I know she'll be surprised!


I am very pleased to receive the charm and fast delivery, hope it can help boost the study and exam luck for my 2 children.