Kashihara Jingu Shrine

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms
Kashihara Jingu Shrine
Kashihara Jingu Shrine

Horyu-ji Temple

the oldest wooden building existing in the world
Horyu-ji Temple
Horyu-ji Temple

Kashihara Shrine

first Emperor, Emperor Jimmu
Kashihara Shrine
Kashihara Shrine


Luck for Victory, business and money
Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "7 kinds protection owl" green blue from Enshu Sigisan Bisyamon Ten Origin/Shotoku Taishi from Nara Japan - Omamori Charm Heritage Japan
Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "7 kinds protection owl" green blue from Enshu Sigisan Bisyamon Ten Origin/Shotoku Taishi from Nara Japan - Omamori Charm Heritage Japan

Taimadera Temple

The only temple in Japan that has the original pair of pagodas erected as they were.
Taimadera Temple
Taimadera Temple

Lucky Charm and Protection: The Secret to Attracting Good Fortune, Warding off Misfortune, and Boosting Your Luck

Nara Prefecture is a hub of Japan's rich cultural legacy, especially concerning its temples, shrines, and Buddhist artifacts. The region houses some of the country's most remarkable structures that date back centuries. Visitors can acquire amulets and talismans at these holy sites, which are believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and protection. Nara's profound spiritual roots and breathtaking architectural wonders make it a must-visit place for anyone intrigued by Japanese culture.

What is Omamori?

"Omamori" is a Japanese amulet or charm that is believed to provide various forms of luck, protection, or blessings, including warding off misfortune, promoting good health, improving academic or career success, boosting overall fortune, enhancing financial or job opportunities, fostering family love, and attracting good relationships.

Omamori can be carried in a wallet or bag, or kept in important places such as inside a car or at home. By keeping the omamori close, it is believed to constantly provide protection and good luck to the owner.

We are from Nara.

Nara, located in Kansai region, Japan, is a magnificent city with rich history and culture. As Japan's first permanent capital, Nara boasts a plethora of ancient treasures, such as beautiful temples and shrines, serene parks, and world-renowned landmarks. With its traditional atmosphere and friendly locals, Nara is a beloved destination for tourists and locals alike.

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Beautiful Furoshiki!

The Mt Fuji and the Great Wave Furoshiki is beautiful. I'm planning on using it to wrap a special gift for a friend. I know she'll be surprised!


I am very pleased to receive the charm and fast delivery, hope it can help boost the study and exam luck for my 2 children.


I am pleased to receive the good quality charm and hope it will bring good health and protection for my mother.

Beautiful charms

I ordered three charms and they arrived to the U.S within days in perfect condition. The craftsmanship and details of the charms are amazing and I only wish I would have ordered more.


The omamori arrived quickly. They are quite beautiful (and at work).

Great Quality

Looks very good. Came as expected. Super fats delivery. Wooden box smells good.

Best care gift for someone special who you want to protect.

It is a little hard to make someone understand what it is if they don't know about it.
Great quality, great packing and great shipping.
Was a little annoying with all those documents requested by the vamal team but was worth it.
Knowing that she have them with her gives me a good feeling.

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM incense omamori Blue with plastic box from Nikko Toshogu Shrine Japan
Nathalie Gawinkowski
Fast delivery, compliant product

serious seller, I recommend

Nice Charms

I like the Charms alot. They came with a fine Quality, the personalized wooden Box is very nice.
The Charms came fast.

A birthday gift

Ordered for a birthday gift along with a lovely box with name engraved. The charm is well done with a tiny bell attached to it. Hope this charm protects the wearer.


It was a great gift. Presented really nicely, thanks!

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "Anti Evil Protection" black from Omiwa Shrine Nara Japan The oldest shrine of Japan
Gift for my sister

I purchased this charm for my sister who’s having a bit of bad luck lately. I ordered the charm with a beautiful box engraved with her name. The charm looks well made and hope that it will help protect my sister.

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM strap "Study Improvement" blue small size from Dazaifu Tenmangu Japan
Rin Okudera

Came very quickly to my location, small and cute + came with free stickers

Beautiful Omamori

I’m very pleased with my purchase, high quality materials, perfect size, it was shipped very fast.

Health protection blue kashihara jingu shrine Nara Japan

The box and the charm look exactly like the picture and the package came exactly when it said it would. There was nothing to be angry about at all. Overall, I’m really happy with the product and it is a great gift.

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "Safety Driving" red from Omiwa Shrine Nara Japan The oldest shrine of Japan
Reliable and good packaging

Thank you for packing the charms nicely and for the fast shipping! I got those charms as a gift and they arrived earlier than expected.

Japanese Ema

Arrived in perfect conditions, fast and in a great package. Very happy and satisfied with product.

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "Healthy/Sick Healing" yellow green from Omiwa Shrine Nara Japan The oldest shrine of Japan
Jenny Gallegos Cardenas
Astoundingly good, and excellent support

When I was looking to buy an Omamori, I really liked the designs here as well as the enclosing wooden box that comes with it, but the only issue was that I didn't know if they could send it to my country. The support team helped me sort that out very quickly so I could place my order, and overall the process was very fast and good. I will definitely buy from here again in the future.

So Happy 😊

So happy with my purchase they came so quickly hopefully it will be me and my family luck through our difficult time thank you so much 😊🙏

Japanese OMAMORI AMULET CHARM for "Keep Good Health" green from Horyuji Temple Nara Japan World Heritage oldest wooden building in the world

Someone close has had a stroke. It is my fondest hope this lovely amulet will bring them health and strength.

This is for my son to protect him as he begins driving. The charms I order are always gorgeous and exactly as advertised.

I have my beautiful longevity charm hung up now. What a lovely handcrafted item. I honestly feel peaceful looking at it. Would buy again